Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sunny Scotland!

Yes I know Sun and Scotland are not 2 words you often think of in the same sentence however we just returned from a long weekend trip to Dunfermline and were blessed with good weather on the whole!

This was Eli's first trip to Scotland and he went to his first footie game with Steve, Beccy, and Grandpa Scotland! The Pars v ICT- a 1-0 defeat for the Parts and Eli slept through the entire 2nd half and missed the goal!! Not sure what that says about the standard of the game....!
We visited Strathclyde Country Park and Grace was very disappointed to find none of us were brave enough to accompany her on "Speed"- upside down, 360' turns at 83 MPH- Grace you are a brave MAD girl!! She made do with rollercoatsers, chair swings, water ride -which soaked us all! Eli had a blast on all the little rides- cars, caterpillar, pirate ships and I think will have Grace's fearlessness when he gets bigger- he cried cos he was too small for rollercoasters! They can partner up in a few years on all the BIG rides!

We also went to St Andrews where the weather alternated between roasting sun and short sharp heavy showers!!! Showed the girls the Quad, The Pier, where Steve lived etc etc- they loved it! Fish and chips at Peter Michaels were the business!!! (even though Peter Michaels is now called Fritto's!).

Monday night saw Steve, Beccy and Grace catch the overnight bus to London and Eli and I drove home on Tuesday! Steve and the girls have been shopping and then to see Billy Elliot. Today (Weds) they are seeing Buck Palace, and the V&A before catching the train home tonight!

Just wish our time in Scotland had been longer really but you never know we may head up again before too long!

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Thailand, France and Pony rides!

I tell you, when I was a teenager I went camping in someone's garden with Girl guides or a field, holidays were in a caravan in Cornwall or North Devon and I didn't fly until I was 18 and yet both my girls will travel away with the school this year. In fact as I type this Beccy is in Pattaya in Thailand enjoying the beach after spending the last 9 days in Bangkok on a school exchange program! The photo is one of Beccy and her friend Anna waiting for the coach to Heathrow at the beginning of their trip! Its a far cry for the School French trip to Rennes from my schooldays!! She has had: an elephant ride, a a fish foot massage(sounded gross but am assured it was amazing!), a Thai Massage, shopping shopping and more shopping in the night markets, a tuk tuk ride, had a full head of hair extensions put in and her nails done with crystal insets and today been to a "Lady -boy" Beauty contest!!!!!!!!! She has dealt with being ill and nosebleeds and homesickness and to the greater extent taken it all in her stride! The students have learnt Thai dance and put on a show for the school in Bangkok- thats 4000 students- all girls! They dressed in traditional Thai costume and walked to The Great temple in heat and humidity and she didn't whine once!!!!

Beccy has admitted she feels she has really grown up and while she will always be our baby, this has been a great opportunity for her and I hope gives her a real taste for travel!

Grace is off to France for the last week of school- not nearly as far as they are only going to Normandy but still I shall really miss her as I have done Beccy. No doubt the texts will tell me she is having a great time and hardly missing us!

Eli, you will be pleased to know, has NOT been travelling overseas but he has had his 1st Pony ride which he loved and showed no fear- even when wobbling precariously to one side whilst waving rather enthusiastically at Nanny and Pumpa!!! The highlight for him however was getting to help "groom" a pony- I use the term loosely as I am not sure how much contact the brush had with the pony but Eli thought he was the business so thats the main thing!

No doubt in a few years Eli will be off on some wild adventure but for now I remain happy in the knowledge that the furthest adventure he wants is at the Miniature Pony Centre!