Friday, 25 February 2011


So finally after having to cancel the other week, I made it to my dental appointment for a filling. Thought it would be a simple job but no, not that easy!
Needed an extra bit of anaesthetic as could still feel when she started drilling- not recommended! Anyway got the rotten stuff out and there was more than we thought, so the nerve was close to surface- this is not pleasant and means PAIN! My dentist is wonderful and the painful bit was over with quickly. Now we wait and see....... if the pain settles then I go back and have temporary filling replaced with permanent - if not it means root canal and £££££!!!!
So far so good no pain since the numbness wore off but have taken painkillers so we shall see!
NHS dentists are few and far between down here- but having had horrific dental treatment in the past with NHS dentists, sadly, I am happy to pay for good dental treatment and gentle, caring staff. My kids get NHS treatment at the same practice with the same dentist so I hope they will be spared from having terrible teeth like me. If I won the lottery, I would have my teeth sorted once and for all!!

Anyway fingers crossed for the weekend- may it be pain free!!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Finding Nemo.....

and sharks and sting rays etc! We had a trip to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. It really was excellent. E loved it and B and her boyfriend did too judging by the photos they took. Sadly last year most of the species in one of the big tanks died after I think some sort of electrical failure. That exhibit is still closed. The rest were open and there was plenty to see. Colourful fish and spiky crabs, lobsters and big stingrays, sharks and seahorses- all these held E's attention and he was mesmerised by the many jellyfish some were bright red and glowed as if lit up from within- truly beautiful.
Having been such a hit, it was great to know that for the completion of one form and attaching some photos, we can return free of charge for the next 12 months! Result!!

Lunch down on the marina was nice too even if the service was a little slow.

On the way home I managed to quickly stop off at Dunelm Mill- oh dear- this was a bad move!! What a treasure trove of things awaited me! Friends had talked of Dunelm Mill  but I had never visited1 I left the kids in the car and had a quick gander!  Fabulous fabrics, beautiful bedding, wonderful pictures and frames all much cheaper than elsewhere! Reminded me of Bed Bath and Beyond in the US- much missed since we returned to the UK!  Better not tell S or he will ban me from ever going there again!! I shall have to make trips by stealth!

Monday, 21 February 2011

The Best Bestest Play.

That was what we took E to see yesterday  at the Northcott Theatre.  "Charlie and Lola's Best Bestest Play" was wonderful . E is a HUGE charlie and Lola fan and I must admit to liking the show- cute stories, short enough to hold E's attention and usually with a good message somewhere in there.

Of course our plans to be nice and early and not rush there went out the window because, 5 mins down the road and I had forgotten the biscuits we were dropping at Church for the Sunday Club kids to ice. Quick u turn and we drop them off and head off- again.
Dropped B&G in town to shop while we went to the theatre. Dashed to the theatre and discovered there is very little parking- we were now late. I secretly worried we wouldn't get in but fear not- obviously expecting an audience of parents and pre-schoolers to include some harassed latecomers like us, the theatre did not shut its doors to us and we found our seats and had only missed the theme tune and 2 mins of the show- phew!!!

The Watershed theatre company put on the production and hats off to them it was excellent- held my 4 yr old's attention for the entire show.
My dear hubby found it hard to follow- he is not subjected to the same dearth of Charlie and Lola episodes on iPlayer that I am! But he did like Bat Cat!! In fact he liked it so much we are now all permanently singing the Bat cat song around the house- until told very firmly to "stop singing' by E!!

"Bat Cat-  a super cat, I really am a super duper super cat. Bat Cat- hero cat!!!" (Just in case you wanted the lyrics!!!)

There were tears when it finished but a quick trip to the merchandise stall cured that- one Charlie and Lola book later and everyone was happy and ready for home!

The play is touring theatres throughout the UK and I thoroughly recommend it to any Charlie and Lola fans!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

And so it begins.....

Half term that is. You can tell because my teenagers, who have long since grasped the concept of the 'lie in"-  have perfected the art of lying in until rumbling stomachs or (more often) me bellowing up the stairs"Are you getting up AT ALL today?" raises them from their dream-filled slumbers. My 4 year old however is completely unaware of the idea of the lie in and therefore anything past 7am start is considered, by me, a massive result!

When you have teenagers and a pre-schooler, half term activities are a funny mix of shopping, movies- Disney for me and 4 yr old and something suitably scary or full of suitably vulgar teen humour for the teens-  playdough, taxi-service, playdates and arguments over whether MacDonalds (4 yr old's choice) or Strada (teens choice) is the most suitable for lunch out!

I have had many lovely plans of trips to the Zoo with all 3 kids, or a fun afternoon ice-skating or swimming together- However these are usually dashed by my teenagers looking at me like I have obviously quite lost my marbles by even suggesting that the zoo or swimming WITH MUM, is a suitable activity for half term - and I understand this, but a Mum can dream! The Waltons we are not!

My husband won't feature much in our half term activities- work calls him away again this week- nothing unusual there and in some ways it means at least there is one less opinion to consider when deciding on activities!

So I expect my half term will consist of B and G hanging out with boyfriend/friends/each other and join E and me if there is a) food or b) shopping on offer- and that's ok: at nearly 17 (gulp!) and 14 they SHOULD be hanging out with their friends and doing their own thing- but a Mum likes to imagine we will all be swanning around together a la the Von Trapp kids up the mountain with Julie Andrews! I do draw the line at making outfits out of my curtains though!