Wednesday, 24 August 2011

4 Go Festival Camping!!

So The Family of 4 are off to Greenbelt Festival at Cheltenham racecourse!! Beccy is staying home to "look after the dogs" and work- allegedly! Really I think she doesn't want to go camping- probably a good thing since she doesn't like being cold, wet and with no hook up for her hairdryer and straighteners she may need therapy for weeks afterwards!!

Grace is braving the tent- she has no choice- leaving the 2 of them at home together with Beccy driving is just too much for me to contemplate!!!! My reasoning with Grace goes something like this; "You are 15 and you will do as you are told/because I said so/ because Dad and I cannot erect the tent without you reading the instructions!!"

Yesterday we bought a roofbox! My friend Wendy assures me I can fit the world and his wife in one- if Dh misbehaves he will be in the bloody roofbox! We are now "proper hard core campers" because we have a roofbox and a big tent!!!

I don't like to be cold. I have dug out my thermal undies! Dh would like sex while we are away- he is having a laugh! We are sharing a tent with our 15 yr old 4 yr old and have airbeds- need I say more?

We have a camping stove its very good except the 'grill'- its pathetic- it took 20 mins to toast some bread! We shall eat rolls! I have to cook chilli for 12 on Sunday night- it will be  fine!!! I can't make it in advance cos it won't keep in the ice box even with the 4 bags of ice I shall buy tomorrow! Giving 12 people D&V while camping is not an option!

I have 7 lists so far- anal or what?!! I got very upset when I thought I had lost a list- I accused the dog of eating it- seriously! WHY would the dog eat it?!!

I don't like portaloos! I have heard bad things about Festival portaloos- don't think because this is a Christian camp they will be any better- they won't!!

I am VERY excited about seeing Billy Bragg Friday night- we have been indoctrinating......I mean teaching Eli the words to many Billy Bragg songs- he now loves Billy Bragg and today I had to play Tank park Salute 7 times back to back in the car and not talk throughout!!! Tank Park Salute makes me cry ( Youtube it!).

I will not be able to charge my phone- therefore 2 things are guaranteed: the dog will need the vet and Beccy will not be able to get hold of me. My mother will sneeze, my dad aged (92 and blind) will panic and try and phone me and when he can't get me he will dial 999 for ambulance!!! I kid you not! Perhaps its a good job they cannot reach me!!!

I forgot to book showers for us- me bad!!! It is now too late to book showers!!! We will either have to smell/use baby wipes or strip wash in large horse feed bucket (I use it to transport stuff when camping) with the risk that Eli will at any moment unzip the tent at an inopportune moment and expose my boobies to the campsite thus putting people off their bacon rolls!

But its going to be FUN even if it rains- really it is ( repeat to self hourly!!). I have new waterproof trousers!! I will get to try them out and my new spotty wellies I bought in Matalan today in great excitement as they went past my considerably chunky calves- yeayy me!

Tomorrow I am going food shopping and making dh's birthday cake! Its his birthday Friday- its forecast heavy rain Friday! Lighting candle should be fun!!!! Then I am packing the car and loading up THE ROOFBOX!!! All 470 Litres of it!! Not sure why its measured in litres I am not filling with wine(although......!) however it did tell em its the space equivalent of a VW Passat estate boot so that's big!!! If the man at Halfords did not fit properly I will drive round there and beat him on head with roof bar!!

Right off to bed to dream of lovely warm dry days and nights under canvas - if I dream hard enough its bound to come true right?!

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