Thursday, 1 September 2011

Billy Bragg but no camping

Greenbelt 2011 plans had to change a bit! Our friend hurt her back so they were unable to camp and the weather on the Friday night was to say the least- DIRE!!! We wimped out!!

We drove up Friday afternoon in abysmal traffic but got there and had a good look round.
Then at 9.30 we saw The Man!! And boy is he THE MAN! Billy Bragg truly rocks!! We loved his set- the rain stopped and he was just awesome, old stuff, new stuff and Eli's fave "Tank Park Salute"- Eli sang along- he knows all the words!

Green belt was actually smaller than we expected which was nice - you could get round lots. Went back for the big Open air communion service on Sunday- 10,000 sharing communion is an experience but it worked!

We will definitely check it out next year and hopefully camp!

Meanwhile S and I are off to see Billy Bragg again in Dublin.. we are diehard fans now its true!

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