Sunday, 4 September 2011

Back to school.

Well its back to school for the girls but its STARTING SCHOOL for Eli! He is very excited. I am torn between being pleased he is excited and very sad that my little guy is old enough to start school. Where have the last 4 and half years gone?
Where is the little 5 week old baby that lay in my arms on a 10 hour flight back from the USA when we moved back to the UK? The toddler that wobbled on unsteady legs round the pond at Nanna's? The little chubby bundle that clung to my finger and steadfastly refused to stop breastfeeding til HE was ready at 18 months?
Well he's here - he's just a bit bigger, a bit dirtier, a bit braver, a lot more independent, just as smiley and happy and friendly. He is now my big boy- all ready to start the next phase in his little life. I'm not ready but I will help him get ready, take the photos and smile and walk him to school proudly- then I'll come home and have a good cry. But being a Mum is about letting go and encouraging independence and I would never stop that development. I will comfort myself with the fact that he IS confident, friendly and has nice manners (most of the time!) and is ready for school- so we must have done something right in the past 4 and half years!

Photo tomorrow of my big boy in uniform!

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