Monday, 21 February 2011

The Best Bestest Play.

That was what we took E to see yesterday  at the Northcott Theatre.  "Charlie and Lola's Best Bestest Play" was wonderful . E is a HUGE charlie and Lola fan and I must admit to liking the show- cute stories, short enough to hold E's attention and usually with a good message somewhere in there.

Of course our plans to be nice and early and not rush there went out the window because, 5 mins down the road and I had forgotten the biscuits we were dropping at Church for the Sunday Club kids to ice. Quick u turn and we drop them off and head off- again.
Dropped B&G in town to shop while we went to the theatre. Dashed to the theatre and discovered there is very little parking- we were now late. I secretly worried we wouldn't get in but fear not- obviously expecting an audience of parents and pre-schoolers to include some harassed latecomers like us, the theatre did not shut its doors to us and we found our seats and had only missed the theme tune and 2 mins of the show- phew!!!

The Watershed theatre company put on the production and hats off to them it was excellent- held my 4 yr old's attention for the entire show.
My dear hubby found it hard to follow- he is not subjected to the same dearth of Charlie and Lola episodes on iPlayer that I am! But he did like Bat Cat!! In fact he liked it so much we are now all permanently singing the Bat cat song around the house- until told very firmly to "stop singing' by E!!

"Bat Cat-  a super cat, I really am a super duper super cat. Bat Cat- hero cat!!!" (Just in case you wanted the lyrics!!!)

There were tears when it finished but a quick trip to the merchandise stall cured that- one Charlie and Lola book later and everyone was happy and ready for home!

The play is touring theatres throughout the UK and I thoroughly recommend it to any Charlie and Lola fans!

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