Sunday, 20 February 2011

And so it begins.....

Half term that is. You can tell because my teenagers, who have long since grasped the concept of the 'lie in"-  have perfected the art of lying in until rumbling stomachs or (more often) me bellowing up the stairs"Are you getting up AT ALL today?" raises them from their dream-filled slumbers. My 4 year old however is completely unaware of the idea of the lie in and therefore anything past 7am start is considered, by me, a massive result!

When you have teenagers and a pre-schooler, half term activities are a funny mix of shopping, movies- Disney for me and 4 yr old and something suitably scary or full of suitably vulgar teen humour for the teens-  playdough, taxi-service, playdates and arguments over whether MacDonalds (4 yr old's choice) or Strada (teens choice) is the most suitable for lunch out!

I have had many lovely plans of trips to the Zoo with all 3 kids, or a fun afternoon ice-skating or swimming together- However these are usually dashed by my teenagers looking at me like I have obviously quite lost my marbles by even suggesting that the zoo or swimming WITH MUM, is a suitable activity for half term - and I understand this, but a Mum can dream! The Waltons we are not!

My husband won't feature much in our half term activities- work calls him away again this week- nothing unusual there and in some ways it means at least there is one less opinion to consider when deciding on activities!

So I expect my half term will consist of B and G hanging out with boyfriend/friends/each other and join E and me if there is a) food or b) shopping on offer- and that's ok: at nearly 17 (gulp!) and 14 they SHOULD be hanging out with their friends and doing their own thing- but a Mum likes to imagine we will all be swanning around together a la the Von Trapp kids up the mountain with Julie Andrews! I do draw the line at making outfits out of my curtains though!

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