Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Finding Nemo.....

and sharks and sting rays etc! We had a trip to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth. It really was excellent. E loved it and B and her boyfriend did too judging by the photos they took. Sadly last year most of the species in one of the big tanks died after I think some sort of electrical failure. That exhibit is still closed. The rest were open and there was plenty to see. Colourful fish and spiky crabs, lobsters and big stingrays, sharks and seahorses- all these held E's attention and he was mesmerised by the many jellyfish some were bright red and glowed as if lit up from within- truly beautiful.
Having been such a hit, it was great to know that for the completion of one form and attaching some photos, we can return free of charge for the next 12 months! Result!!

Lunch down on the marina was nice too even if the service was a little slow.

On the way home I managed to quickly stop off at Dunelm Mill- oh dear- this was a bad move!! What a treasure trove of things awaited me! Friends had talked of Dunelm Mill  but I had never visited1 I left the kids in the car and had a quick gander!  Fabulous fabrics, beautiful bedding, wonderful pictures and frames all much cheaper than elsewhere! Reminded me of Bed Bath and Beyond in the US- much missed since we returned to the UK!  Better not tell S or he will ban me from ever going there again!! I shall have to make trips by stealth!

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